Our Activities

Our activities are varied and include financial support for primary education and in particular for children from deprived background and orphans. We support organisations by helping them build schools, providing material i.e. books, stationary, clothing (Uniform) etc. We also support people with medical needs i.e. medicines, treatment, and family support post death of an individual. Furthermore, we now have included amongst our projects of building homes for families struggling to make ends meet.

Our other projects also include Rickshaw distribution, Tube well project, Wheelchair distribution, Sewing machine distribution especially for young women to kick-start an earning cycle to support their families, winter clothing distribution and Qurbani meat distribution.

To date we have been successful in helping small projects which have transformed the lives of those who have received help from Mercy Foundation. Our partners in Bangladesh and elsewhere have been working ardently to ensure that the donations made by our donors reaches the intended people as quickly and efficiently as possible. We continue to provide financial and material support for humanitarian assistance to those who are in desperate need. The path Mercy Foundation has taken is not only to help financially, but also to empower people so that they can become better citizens and can continue to support their communities. This can be achieved by investing in the educational needs for future generations.