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Welcome to Mercy Foundation

Greetings and warm welcome to Mercy Foundation, a UK based registered charity which reaches out to the poor and needy. It was set up in 2007 with the aim and objective of helping orphans and an education establishment. However, with the passage of time, we realised that we as a charity can do more and have now branched out to help individuals, families, and communities. For more of our work please visit our ‘Projects’ page where you will be able to see what we are engaging in and how it is making a difference to people who are less fortunate.

We urgently need your support to help individuals with medications, treatment and aftercare. We also need urgent financial help to build poor families a small house.

Mercy Foundation is a UK registered charity, and has a vision, a vision which we all share, and that is to live in a world where poverty does not exist, a vision to educate the underprivileged, especially the children. We also support people with life threatening illnesses, building family homes, and assist in finding a viable means of earning etc.

We are an independent, non-profitable charity working both in the UK and in Bangladesh. Our aim is to help individuals and families in the poorest communities in Bangladesh. Our ultimate aim is to empower individuals to become self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Our Projects