About Us

Mercy Foundation was formerly known as Academic Institute of Shompashi, named after the institution which His Eminence Shaikh Hafiz Amir Hussain founded in 1972. Initially the idea was to set up a charity with the aim of serving the orphans and their needs i.e. education, accommodation, and other needs of the institution. However, with the changing times and the need for greater social responsibility the founder and his son Moulana Shakir Ahmed Chowdhury felt that the charity needs to be playing a greater role and to encompass the universal diktat of charity. Thus, being able to help and support a wide range of services, because the institution was approached by individuals and groups for support. Hence the name ‘Mercy Foundation’ came to being. One of the attributes of Allah SWT is Merciful, and He has sent His beloved Prophet SAW as ‘Mercy for the universe. Therefore, this name was apt for such an organization. It was decided that the name would be adopted and Academic Institute of Shompashi would remain an integral part of Mercy Foundation.

By the grace of Allah SWT, we are now able to be more inclusive of projects which can benefit and help the poor and the needy. Its aims and objectives are to support people who are in extreme poverty through the help and support of people in the UK and the Western World. Our primary aim of supporting Academic Institute of Shomaphi and other educational institutions will remain the same with the added desire of helping people in the most desolate parts of Bangladesh but also expand to other parts of the world.

Handing out financial support, clothing, food rations, stationary is one aspect of our work, however, our ultimate aim is not only to support people for the short-term, but to be able to equip and empower them to support themselves and become self-sufficient and independent, therefore, our aim is to support people in such a way that we are able to either provide them with the necessary equipment to work i.e. sewing machine, rickshaw etc or by supporting them to train or educate themselves for their future so that they do not need to depend on handouts.

Our Team

Moulana Shakir Ahmed
Moulana Ali Nizamoeddin 
Representative in Holland
Md Mizanur Rahman
Bangladesh Representative & Coordinator